Wood in Circle


An international two-days Dissemination Conference took place in Riga, Latvia, on 29th-30th September 2022. To attract more participants and to achieve wider impact, the Conference was organized as a Special Section of the 63rd International Scientific Conference of Riga Technical University. The Conference was attended by 105 participants from 19 countries.

The main purpose of the Conference was to disseminate intellectual outputs to teachers/researchers not included to partnership, educational authorities and stakeholders (associations and business enterprises, working in construction sector) at international level. The programme of the Conference was divided into two days.

The first day of the conference was dedicated to presentation of the new methodological framework, e-learning course and e-learning platform. The Conference was opened by Martins Auders from Department of Housing Policy, Ministry of Economics, Latvia and Prof Ineta Geipele (RTU).

After the Conference a visit to Getlini EKO – a company established jointly by the municipalities of the city of Riga and the municipality of Ropaži (previously Stopiņi), which manages the largest municipal solid waste landfill in the Baltic States – “Getliņi” was organized for project partners. The landfill is one of the most modern in Europe, it is currently being built and developed as a modern and safe waste processing center, using circular economy principles in its activities.

On the second day findings of research on circular wooden construction were disseminated to academic community, students and other stakeholders. Among other presentations, Jari Komsi and Anu Nordlund presented a case study on urban and social regeneration of Mainiemi Mill area in Finland. Jurgis Bulins -student who participated in the intensive learning courses presented feedback and insights on added value of the project from students’ perspective.


Final Transnational Project Meeting took place at RTU, Riga, Latvia on the 28th of September. Meeting aimed at summarizing achieved results and scheduling of the remaining works. Partners used Impact+ Exercise to assess project impacts. Evaluation revealed that the project had large-scale impacts at individual (teachers, students), organisational and national/regional levels.

Many thanks to RTU for hosting the meeting!


3rd Transnational Project Meeting took place on the 4th of June in Palermo, Italy. Partners have discussed progress and upcoming works as well as started planning the conference in Riga.

Many thanks to UNIPA for hosting the meeting!


Second international “Wood in Circle” course for students took place in Sicily, Italy on the 30th May –5th of June. The course was hosted by UNIPA – University of Palermo. It was focused on life cycle assessment of timber building. Students and teachers from universities of Lithuania, Latvia, Finland and Italy participated in the course.

During the 2nd intensive “Wood in Circle” training course the technical visit was organized to the company “Gaspare Mirrione Legnami”. Students and teachers were introduced to the sustainable construction of timber houses in Sicily and had an opportunity to visit the site and prefabrication factory.

Joint activities improved competences of students and teachers and helped to promote circular economy and sustainable construction. We are very thankful to Italian colleagues for their hospitality and positive impressions!


2nd Transnational “Wood in Circle” Project Meeting took place on the 19th of March in Espoo, Finland. Partners have discussed progress and upcoming works as well as started planning the second intensive course in Palermo.

Many thanks to LAUREA for hosting the meeting!


First international “Wood in Circle” course for students took place in Finland on the 14-18th of March. The course was hosted by HAMK – Häme University of Applied Sciences. Lectures were delivered by the international group of teachers from Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (Lithuania), Riga Technical University (Latvia), Häme University of Applied Sciences (Finland), University of Palermo (Italy) and LAUREA University of Applied Sciences (Finland).

Thanks to Municipality of Padasjoki students had a unique opportunity to create regeneration projects in Mainiemi sawmill area. They worked in three international groups and created proposals on regeneration solutions, based on user’s needs and circular economy principles. Concepts were presented to municipality administration.

Joint activities improved competences of students and teachers and helped to promote circular economy in timber construction.

We are very thankful to Finnish colleagues for their hospitality and positive impressions! See you in Palermo!


Amazing wooden construction🥰 Visit to Rothoblaas company.


Intensive training course for teachers was delivered online (due to COVID-19) for 3 days by LAUREA. In total 15 teachers/researchers from 5 HEIs participated in the training, they learned about innovative pedagogical approaches, implementation of the pedagogical triangle and developed curriculum design skills.

Thank you all for your active participation.


Representatives of VILNIUS TECH visited the newly built furniture factory in Naujoji Akmenė.

Professors of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VILNIUS TECH) in Akmenė Free Economic Zone inspected the furniture factory being completed by UAB VMGcorp, which will be one of the most modern such factories in the Baltic States.

VILNIUS TECH and VMGcorp have signed an agreement according to which the university and the company will cooperate in training highly qualified specialists and expanding research.

“We are building the flagship of engineering wood and industrial construction in Akmenė. More than 200 thousand. We can call the green construction “gigafactory” a square meter production complex, which will give a huge boost to the entire industry, “emphasizes Paulius Milčius, VMG Group’s business development project manager.

The industry is projected to grow tenfold, and successful development will require smart robot lines, skilled construction, mechanics, environmental engineers, architects and programmers.

“We also expect a lot of research in these areas,” adds P. Milčius.

According to the company’s announcement on the social network Facebook, VILNIUS TECH’s long-term expert experience in the field of wooden and composite constructions will help the company to reach new heights and a more sustainable future.

And we believe that this is the beginning of a wonderful collaboration, when the knowledge accumulated by researchers can be combined with the knowledge acquired by practitioners – this is the best thing that can be in the study and in the practical process.


1st Transnational Project Meeting took place at VILNIUS TECH on the 25th of October 2021 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

A progress report and the results of the monitoring visit were presented at the meeting. Feedback from the National Agency was presented by the project coordinator assoc. prof. Laura Tupėnaitė, VILNIUS TECH. The methodological framework was also discussed: Progress (presented by LAUREA); E-learning course “Circular economy in wooden construction”: Progress (presented by HAMK) E-learning platform: Progress (presented by VILNIUS TECH); General academic publications: Progress (presented by RTU); assurance: Quality plan and Dissemination activities: Dissemination plan (presented by VILNIUS TECH); Future work. C1 planning. Intensive training course for teachers – presented by LAUREA representatives.

The meeting was interesting and productive!


We want share with you the newsletter of the Erasmus+ KnoWood project. They also welcomed the success of the Pub-Wood project.

Read more:


Our the very first project ” Sustainable Public Buildings Designed and Constructed in Wood (Pub- Wood) Project number: 2018-1-LT01-KA203-046963″ 30 September 2021 was awarded by Lithuanian Agency as one of the highest quality projects in the category of sustainable development.

Project coordinator assoc. prof. dr Laura Tupėnaitė holds quality symbol in her hands and feels wonderful🙂


The Kick Off Meeting of the project “Wood in Circle” took place over a distance due Covid 19 pandemic. Project Coordinator Assoc. Prof. Dr Laura Tupenaite presented the main objectives of the project. All partners from Finland, Latvia and Italy discussed the project goals and future activities.